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72 Hours in Montevideo

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I am writing my first article and I cannot wait to share it with you all. After I came back from Mexico, I could not stop thinking about what place would be my next destination. Luckily the answer came to me quickly!
I have been to many places far away from my country (Argentina), but never to the closest- Uruguay. This small, beautiful country right next to Argentina is cheap and easy to get to, so what was I waiting for..? Every time I start a journey a lot of feelings wake up inside of me, but this time it was more special, it was unexpected and spontaneous!
montevideo where2wander roads
I decided to visit the capital Montevideo. There are many ways to get there, but I took a ferry to Colonia and then a bus to Montevideo. There are four companies to chose from and all include a ferry and a bus. I traveled with Colonia Express because for the price it has excellent service.
The journey was comfortable and to my surprise I arrived 35 minutes early. That is definitely not common in Latin America hahaha (I am not complaining). During the bus ride to Montevideo, I met a cute Mexican girl and three Dutch guys. I don’t know why, but I tend to attract Dutch people. I am a big fan of the Netherlands and two of my closest friends are Dutch, I even studied in Utrecht. Great memories!
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My first impression of Montevideo was a calmness and tranquility. I had left behind the bustling noises of Buenos Aires and discovered my peaceful neighbour. Montevideo is a lovely city, yet quite small and a bit more expensive compared to other cities in Latin America, but that allows visitors to discover new emotions and situations.
Uruguayans live in their own cloud, they are calm, kind and slow. A local shopkeeper explained me that usually people are complaining about the country and it’s economy (life is really expensive), but that was not my perception. Like all nations, they care about human rights and ethical policies and this is displayed with many political flags and signs adorning the streets and balconies.
Montevideo Political Messages where2wander
Uruguay is one of the few countries in the world where marijuana is legal. Walking the streets you can smell weed all the time, they definitely go with the flow. Finally, but no less important, Uruguayans (or at least most of them) do not leave home without bringing their mate and thermo. If you want to chill – as the Uruguyans do – take your weed, mate and thermo, and go enjoy Montevideos beautiful sunsets. The best are in The Rambla, every day a colourful orange sky will blow your mind.
Montevideo La Rambla where2wander Sunset
I highly recommend you visit Ciudad Vieja neighbourhood, Rodo Park, Museum of Decorative Arts Palacio Taranco, Montevideo Botanical Garden. A fantastic sightseeing walk is to start at Rodo Park, then walk along The Rambla until Ciudad Vieja. Another place- one of my favourites- is the Architecture, Design and Urbanism School of Montevideo (FADU). It is open the whole year and the entrance is free.
Also, do not miss the Mercado del Puerto, a colorful, lively center filled with artists, street musicians and restaurants. Feria de Tristán Narvaja is a great place to go shopping, with an outdoor market peddling souvenirs, antiques and groceries. This is what gives this city an eclectic mix of sights and sounds.
Montevideo where2wander flow shopping sightseeing
For different reasons, I will remember this trip for ever. Coming up in my next blog, I will write about the emotions that travellers have to overcome before a trip. But for now I’d like to give a big thanks to Bra, my Uruguayan friend, for showing me his beautiful city and the local life. I came back to Buenos Aires with some Uruguayan slang such us: “y ta!” (to begin or end a sentence), “pila” (a lot of something), “salado!” (too much or too many) and “championes” (trainers/sneakers).
I can’t wait to go back!
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Keep smiling!

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