Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Venison Burger

An Eclectic Mix of Exotic Street Food: Los Infernales

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Los Infernales first started as a food truck, delivering it’s meals to fairs and events. After an emphatic response, owners Mariana, Federico and Claudio decided to open Los Infernales restaurant in San Telmo. The slogan is, ‘Food with identity’, seeking to re-discover the flavours of precolonial Argentina. The result; an eclectic mix of street food meets wild animals.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Nañdu Choripan

The trio have a passion for the history of Argentina and it’s food. The name Los Infernales is steeped in history and this is why they decided on this name. Los Infernales were an army of brave gauchos, who defended the northern border to the advance of Peru. Claudio wanted a representation that reminded people of where they came from.


Inside, the atmosphere is trendy with indigenous touches, a throwback to the days of the gauchos. The meals are served on steel plates, the drinks in steel cups; just as the gauchos would have dined. This is combined with subtle lighting, dark wood and original artwork, to show that Los Infernales has it’s own identity sculpted from history.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Empanada Pancho

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Venison Burger

Mariana begins by telling me about the history of Argentinian food. “Street food is the norm in many regions of our country”. Think about all the different delicacies available when walking around the streets; Tamales, Empanadas, Choripans – it all originated on the streets. Today this food is available in all price ranges and tastes, but as Mariana states, the chef “has to be in touch with the streets” to truly deliver an authentic product.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Empanada La Patagonia Cut

Claudio shows me an extensive recipe list. To my surprise, all meat products are their own recipe; recipes that have been handed down for generations and developed to suit modern day palates. The meat is not prepared on-site, it is made by a butcher who specifically makes these products following the Los Infernales recipes. This eases the load on the restaurant, as it is quite small. The homemade recipes used at Los Infernales show that they really care about the taste of the final product and delivering an authentic experience.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Pancho

The menu is extensive.  Reading through, i noticed there are a lot of different and interesting meats. They offer everything from rabbit to cow, most things inbetween and even ostrich! Prices for the main meals start from 100ARS, with a daily set menu available from 140ARS. Craft beer has taken off in Buenos Aires and Los Infernales has followed suit, serving Portlander; available as either a Red Ale or Golden Lager.


As Los Infernales has many options available, i wanted to ensure i got to taste all these obscure meats. First up, Venison Burger. Deer is a difficult meat to cook as it is very low in fat, meaning that it has a tendency to cook tough. However, i was impressed with the first bite as the patty broke apart nicely. The entire burger was juicy and soft, the flavours subtly complimented each other and the smoked BBQ sauce delivered the final pleasurable hit.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Venison

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Venison Burger

Whilst placing a simple Choripan in front of me, Claudio states ”The first meat consumed in Argentina was the Ostrich’’. The Nandu is an Ostrich sausage, between bread and topped with a brunoise of corn, capsicum and cucumber. With the mix of colours it looks nicer than most choripans, yet as with most, it is a bit tough to bite through the bread, sausage skin and meat. But that’s all part of eating street food; being able to eat a whole meal with your hands as you walk down the road. The difference at Los Infernales is that the meat is so tasty.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Choripan

Now what journey into street food is complete without an empanada? The Los Infernales range of empanadas consists of 6 different flavours including; La Patagonia (lamb, onions and mushrooms), La Norteña (turmeric, onion, potato and goat cheese) and La Cuyana (wild boar and kiwicha). Each one has a different pastry casing and tastes totally different. This is where you come to eat Llama wrapped into bolivian turmeric pastry.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Empanada

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Empanada La Norteña

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Empanada

In addition to these fantastic meals, there are plentiful options for both carnivores and herbivores alike. The meat lovers can delve into exotic goodies such as rabbit choripans, angus burgers, buffalo milanesas. The vege lovers can gorge on wild mushroom choripans, quinoa burgers, large mixed salads and more. There is also a great range of desserts, breakfast meals and iced teas.

Los Infernales San Telmo Food Review Desert Chocolate Mousse

‘Food with identity’, that’s the slogan of Los Infernales. Each meal has history attached to it and really is a diverse journey between Argentina’s precolonial times and its modern day street food. When i arrived at the restaurant i did not expect to be eating deer, rabbit, llama, wild boar and ostrich.


But eat them i did, and i enjoyed every. single. last. bite!


Los Infernales Restaurant, Carlos Calvo 492, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Open Sunday to Wednesday from 10:00 to 23:00 and Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 to 02:00 Tel: 4300-4770.  Due to limited seating, Los Infernales recommends making a reservation. For up to date information please visit their facebook page.


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