Overcoming Travel Fears Is Anxalicious!

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When people think about travelling, everything looks beautiful and fun, but sometimes our mind obscures our thoughts. You’ve been planning your trip for months. Now the time is finally here and you’re feeling unsure, of yourself, and your decision. Even an experienced traveler gets nervous before a solo trip or an extended journey.


I want to talk about the feelings that travellers have to face before a trip. Every time we have to start a new journey different sensations awaken and they affect our decisions.


Travel anxiety is very common, but don’t let this affect you.


Fear of flying, “worst case scenario” stories, worrying it’ll be expensive, fear of being alone in a place so far from home- are just some of the common thoughts that make us anxious. But, the reality is it’s not like that. We create fake ghosts that prevent us from seeing the real scenario.


I want to demystify all these thoughts, whilst daring and inspiring you to travel more!


tongariro national park Mordor where2wander middle earth


All these feelings are the reason why I travel. Travelling involves fears, expectations and sometimes bad experiences, but these have to be used as motivators. People who have not travelled, usually project their fears. Unfamiliar situations in travel make you smarter and stronger to deal with other situations at home. So, it is important to have ideas and goals clear. Travelling is not for everybody, but it is easier than people think. If you really want it, it will be awesome.


If you ever have any travel fears, do not give up, do not let them affect you. After the first trip, all these fears are transformed into experiences and good memories. There is a huge world outside waiting for you and believe me sometimes anxiety can be anxalicious.


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Keep smiling!

Franco Carrizo
Franco smiles, travels and drinks; mate, coffee, beer, you name it, he’ll have two! He has a degree in marketing, a passion for people and a yearning to travel. Born in the north of Argentina, where the weather is extreme and the siestas are long, he joined where2wander to share an insiders view of life within South America.