Yatching Bahamas Staniel Cay Swimming Pigs

Top 6 Yachting Experiences in the Bahamas

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As I stared into the night sky listening to the gentle lapping of waves against the hull, the stars shimmering bright, I thought about the beauty that was before me. I had spent the day diving crystal clear waters and now I seemed to be in another universe, with crystal clear skies transporting me through the galaxy. I knew when I awoke tomorrow I was going to experience something as equally beautiful and I knew it would be different from today. This is the luxury of a yacht.


The best way to get around the Bahamas is on a yacht. There are so many islands, cays, beaches, inlets, coves and attractions that you need an easy way to get around. So whether you’re onboard a 1 star glorified tent with a hull or a 5 star mega yacht, these are the destinations you need to visit.


Yatching Bahamas Aqua Cat Staniel Cay

Yatching Bahamas Staniel Cay Swimming Pigs

Yachting Staniel Cay Allens Cay Iguana


1- Staniel Cay
Staniel Cay has two main attractions, Thunderball Grotto and The Swimming Pigs. Their Instagram account has 240k+ followers and it’s not hard to see why when you see a pig swimming with a stingray. Pack plenty of quartered apples as it’s their favourite food. Right next door is Thunderball Grotto, made famous by James Bond and most recently by Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. You can access inside by three cutouts underneath the waters edge. For the brave you can venture to the top and jump through the small holes in the roof.


Pig and Stingray

Baby Piglets

Yachting Staniel Cay Swimming Pigs


2- Exuma Cays
I am definitely biased here; the diving is simply amazing. The Bahamas islands have a multitude of diving experiences from the big shipwrecks in Nassau to the Tiger shark dives in Grand Bahamas. However, the Exuma Cays has it all; from vibrant shallow reefs to wrecks, huge drop off walls and of course, shark feeding dives. Click here to visit my list of must do dive sites.


Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Sharks get real close.


3- Allen’s Cay
Lizard Island as it’s nicknamed, is home to a native species of Igauna. Take plenty of red grapes as they love to eat and are basically blind, so the bright red colour helps them see what they’re eating. Be careful of your digits, as they often take bites at fingers and toes, mistaking them for the grapes. Once tired of all the running around after the Iguanas, slide into the crystal clear water and enjoy the warm ocean lapping by your side.


Yatching Bahamas Staniel Cay Swimming Pigs

Yachting Staniel Cay Allens Cay Iguana

Yatching Bahamas Iguana Cay Allens


4- Exuma Land and Sea Park
Primarily used as a safe docking point for yachts, the land and sea park offers a great days excursion on land. Spend some time on the white sand beaches or lounging on the pontoons. Enter the store and learn a detailed history of the island and purchase souvenirs. Wander around the island and visit Banshee Creek, Musical Rocks, the Blowholes and Boo Boo hill. There’s always a different story about Boo Boo Hill, so let me know your version.


Yachting Staniel Cay Exuma Land and Sea Park

Yachting Staniel Cay Exuma Land and Sea Park


5- Cat Island
The highest point in the Bahamas is 206ft. Cat Island is home to this colossal mountain, which houses a Church at the peak. The road up is short and uneventful, but bring water as it gets hot. Once at the top you have free access to The Hermitage. Sign the book and read through all the names and countries of people that have visited. Climb onto the roof and see as far as the eye can see; which isn’t that far considering you’re only 206ft up. However, it is a great vantage point to watch the ever-changing cloud formations, storms and temperamental weather of the Bahamas.


Yachting Cat Island Hermitage


6- Normans Cay
This area is currently home to several celebrity owned islands and previously the den of Señor Carlos Lehder. The sprawl of islands is vast, but the main port is Normans Cay. A famous plane wreck sits in very shallow waters and is easy to snorkel around. Have a look around and try to find the buried ‘treasure’. Take the day and explore all the little coves and inlets.


Yachting Carlos Lehder Plane Wreck Normans Cay

Yachting Normans Cay Bahamas

Yatching Bahamas Staniel Cay Swimming Pigs Sunset

Yachting Bahamas Siesta


Obviously there are many fantastic islands in the Bahamas. It is a yachties paradise! I’ve chosen this list as it’s possible to visit all of these islands on a one week yacht charter. I’d love to know your thoughts, so let me know your favourite in the comments below.


For more on the Bahamas, check out the following three links: Must Do’s or Dive Sites or YouTube Videos.


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